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  • 04-06-2004   mixplayd-0.60 released

    finally I decided not to integrate the decoder but to continue to use external binaries, but I changed to the use of madplay (from underbit Technologies) for mp3 decoding, and added OggVorbis support (with ogg123 for decoding)!
    furthermore some bugs were again found and fixed (especially the problem with zombie processes),
    a new function autocue is now added to skip silence at the beginning of songs,
    Thomas Orgis added a new status display to indicate "paused", and I cleaned up the code a little bit (e.g. removed the mp3info-subtree).
    more detailed information you can find in the files CHANGES and README

  • 28-01-2003   upstream.pl available for download

    as I get a lot of requests for streaming support with mixplayd in these days I finally got time to put my little perl script for icecast/shoutcast streaming on these pages.
    you can find it in the download section.

  • 09-05-2002   mixplayd-0.55 released

    added a few commands for better controlling by a frontend (getstat, setsound with switch, close),
    finally disabled the mechanism to play corrupted files by continuing when the decoder stops, because it relies on the calculated length which often is very wrong :-(
    then I fixed a bug when messages were received too fast and were glued together to one (thanks to jehon for detecting this),
    and last but not least you now can configure other soundcard settings than 44kHz stereo signed 16 bit little endian.

  • 09-11-2001   mixplayd-0.54 released

    fixed a bug with time display and added two new functions: pitch and addsong.
    I think pitch is self-explanatory,
    and addsong creates an internal playlist for a mixing-channel so you can take more tracks as it were one big.

  • 29-08-2001   mixplayd-0.53 released

    a little bug fixes and a major output format change:
    as desired the channel status informations were no longer shown on default,
    instead there's now a new command "stat" with which the infos can be turned on and off.
    also new: the reply format for commands has the command-name as prefix,
    the status format has no longer the prefix "status:" but now includes the volume for each channel,
    and the output format of the "info" has changed a little.
    last but not least: adapted simple-player.pl to the new status format and fixed a little bug

  • 27-08-2001   mixplayd-0.52 released

    first official beta release

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