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  • what is it?

    mixplayd is a daemon that can be told (over a tcp connection) to play mp3 (and now also ogg) files from the local file system (where the daemon resides). It cannot be controlled directly but with telnet.
    It has a built-in multi-channel mixer, so you can play several files on different channels with different volumes simultanously. This is very useful for crossfading between songs.
    Another very useful feature is the change of the number of channels and even the number of soundcards and named pipes at run time! Yes, it also supports unix named pipes, so you can run it even without a soundcard!
    The main purpose of mixplayd is to use it with special clients (= frontends) which can be found here (when they're developed).
    A sample perl-client is included with the package.

    mixplayd doesn't come with its own decoder, instead it needs a preinstalled working decoder. I strongly recommend madplay from underbit Technologies which can be obtained for free from http://www.underbit.com/products/mad/.

    For OggVorbis support you also need an external decoder like ogg123 of the vorbis-tools.

  • who wants to use it?

    noone directly,
    everyone needs a (controlling) client to use it (e.g. to play a whole playlist).
    so this is a call to developers that mixplayd can help them building new powerful tools for working with mp3 (and OggVorbis) audio.

  • more information

    read this README of the current release.

  • license

    mixplayd is developed by Siegfried Wagner
    and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    you can find more information about GNU at the GNU homepage.
    I would appreciate any feedback - so feel free to send an email to red_eagle@users.sourceforge.net.

  • the sourceforge project page


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