a mp3/ogg mixing player daemon
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  • what's a frontend?

    mixplayd isn't of any use without a frontend which controls the daemon over a tcp connection.

    with the package included is a sample frontend called simple-player.pl (written in perl) which creates a shuffled playlist that is played in normal order with the songs crossfaded.
    it shows a few aspects what you can do with mixplayd, but you can do much more... It's all up to your imagination. Feel free to experiment and develop a nice client by your own!

  • list of frontends for mixplayd

    I'm sorry, but there is none at the moment (except the above mentioned simple-player)

    a few people (me included) are on the way to develop some if they got the time for it...

    there's another project on sourceforge called R.O.S.S. which lists mixplayd as usable for simple home made radio automation. So maybe sometime anyone will develop a better frontend to realize this.

  • you made a good frontend?

    please let me know about it!
    contact me on red_eagle@users.sourceforge.net

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