a mp3/ogg mixing player daemon
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  • get mixplayd

    sourceforge file overview for mixplayd

    be aware: it's only a beta version!
    (and so please send me bug reports ;-))

  • installation

    is very simple,
    there is no autoconf and automake.
    just type make and hope it will compile without any errors,
    there's even no make install ('cause it's only one binary).

    Important: To get mixplayd working, you also need an extra (working) mp3 decoder. I strongly recommend madplay from underbit Technologies.
    For OggVorbis support you also need an external decoder like ogg123 of the vorbis-tools.

  • streaming to icecast/shoutcast server

    Just use the possibility to let mixplayd put its output to a unix named pipe and read that output with any streaming client that supports stdin:
    cat named_pipe | streamingclient

    Because I was very unhappy with all the existing streaming clients for icecast (they used a lot too much of the cpu) I made my own (described below). But now this has changed and I really prefer ices for icecast streaming (OggVorbis).

    My selfmade streaming client was a little perl script to stream from a named pipe (but also from soundcard is possible) to an icecast/shoutcast server.
    You need libshout and the perl module Shout which you can find both on http://developer.icecast.org/libshout/, and you also need the mp3 encoder lame.
    Everything else you'll find out by reading the comments in the script and the config file. But one important note: If you want to use mixplayd with only a named pipe (i.e. option -nosound), then you have to start the upstream (reader) first before starting mixplayd!

    download upstream.zip

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